1260 – 1390!

The attitude the C-14 dating is conclusive evidence is not limited to Diogenes, but is actually quite prevalent. Even the C-14 scientists had this attitude…

Hall, together with Dr Michael Tite of the British Museum and Oxford laboratory’s Dr Robert Hedges, on 13 October 1988, in front of a blackboard on which was written, “1260-1390!” announced at a press conference in the British Museum that the three laboratories’ combined average date of the Shroud was 1260-1390. Hall told reporters present that: “There was a multimillion pound business in making forgeries during the fourteenth century. Someone just got a bit of linen, faked it up and flogged it.”


They had the dates “1260 – 1390!” on the board behind them as they publicly announced the results of the C-14.


What does the exclamation point mean? They are signifying it is conclusive evidence and that the shroud is positively within 1260 – 1390. Really, is this how data should be reported by scientists? Hall even commented afterwards, “Someone just got a bit of linen, faked it up and flogged it.” Obviously he had no knowledge of the shroud outside of his own C-14 testing. Is there any hint of bias in any of this by the C-14 scientists? The answer is obviously yes.