Acheulean biface is an enigma

TRANSPONDER wrote: Wed Jan 26, 2022 12:14 am Would you care to explain the relevance of this in relation to validating the Bible? The chipped flint is the most basic tool of mankind.

I have a theory floating in the back of my mind, but before I reveal that, we need to reiterate the facts about the Acheulean biface:

– it is ubiquitous and found all over the world
– there is no consensus as to its purpose
– we cannot readily discern its function as a tool

I find these facts quite striking. It’s claimed to be used by ancient primitive man all over the world, yet we modern man have no idea what they were used for.

I think we have no idea what it’s used for because people have the wrong assumptions about it.

I bring up the Acheulean biface because I believe it is further evidence of commonality that can be traced to the tower of Babel. If that is not true, then what is the alternate explanation? Primitive man all over the world somehow able to communicate with each other and copy a design that even they probably had no idea what its used for? If they knew what it was used for, why don’t we know when we are supposedly so much smarter than primitive man?