Americans also kill children

Elijah John wrote: This says more perhaps about the Chinese justice system or the ethic of that individual (and individuals who have done similar horrific things) than it does about human nature. Generalizations regarding the depravity of humankind should not be drawn from such extreme examples.

The Chinese are not the only ones who are willing to kill for financial reasons. We do it too here in the US.

The top reason cited for performing an abortion is financial (with many others that also have a financial impact).

Not financially prepared: 40 percent
Bad timing, not ready, or unplanned: 36 percent
Partner-related reasons (including the relationship is bad or new, she doesn’t want to be a single mother, her partner is not supportive, does not want the baby, is abusive, or is the wrong guy): 31 percent
Need to focus on her other children: 29 percent
Not emotionally or mentally prepared: 19 percent
Interferes with educational or vocational plans: 20 percent
Health-related reasons (includes concern for her own health, the health of the fetus, use of prescription or non-prescription drugs, alcohol, or tobacco): 12 percent
Want a better life for a baby than she could provide: 12 percent
Not independent or mature enough for a baby: 7 percent
Influences from family or friends: 5 percent
Doesn’t want a baby or to place the baby for adoption: 4 percent
Partner-related issues: 31 percent … ion-906589

It is certainly cheaper to have an abortion than to raise a child. So, though the Chinese might kill a child on the streets, Americans (as well as all other countries) are willing to kill a child in the womb because it’s economically less costly that way.