Archaeology intro

The next major body of evidence of the reliability of the Bible is archaeology. Out of everything presented so far in this thread, this is perhaps the strongest evidence to uphold the truthfulness of the Bible. There is so much here that there are even college degrees in this area. Needless to say, we can only briefly cover biblical archeology in this thread.

Here is a sampling of colleges that have a degree in biblical archeology:

Newburgh Theological Seminary & College of the Bible
Wheaton College
Trinity Southwest University
Veritas International University
Lipscomb University
Shepherds Theological Seminary
Emmaus Bible College
Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology

Plus there are a host of others in the field of Near East archaeology, Palestinian archaeology, and Israel archaeology.

Even with a large body of archaeological evidence, I do not claim archaeology will prove, or even support, all the claims in the Bible. But, I will claim that archaeology confirms and aligns with many claims of the Bible.

One thing interesting about the Bible is it is based on the context of history. Many sections of the Bible are set in the background of historical events, places, and people. So, it is possible to then confirm its validity through historical methods (written records and archaeology). This makes the Bible stand out among other religious scriptures since it is empirically testable. The Bible is not set in mythical lands or fictional characters or imaginary events. It is set in places you can actually go visit and dig and find things that corroborate the Biblical accounts.