Bible is both a human book and a divine book

I came across an interesting video by Tim Mackie about the origin and authority of the Bible. As co-founder of The Bible Project, he has demonstrated more than a little knowledge of the Bible.

For Christians, the authority of the Bible is centered on Jesus.

“when we say the Bible is authoritative what we mean when we say that is Jesus is the risen King”
“Jesus has authority over me and that authority is expressed to me through the scriptures”

Most peoples’ view of the Bible disregards the idea that the Bible is a human book. He illustrates how we should view the Bible by Drawing Hands by M. C. Escher.


“The Bible is both a human book and a divine book. It’s a human book it that was written by people.”
“Somehow in our modern context that this has been framed as an either/or and I just think that’s totally unnecessary and it’s totally unhelpful and will lead you down dead ends.”

He does not explicitly state this, but what a human book means to me is it will be subject to errors, just like all other human books are subject to. Accounts can have inconsistencies, things can be exaggerated, memories can fail, authors can add artistic license material, etc. But, the important thing is the core message. Historical accuracy on the trivialities is not the point of the Bible. The person of Jesus, his message, his example, and his resurrection is the core.