Blood patterns matches Jesus of Nazareth

Diogenes wrote: Wed Mar 29, 2023 12:57 pm This is the wrong approach. The estimated population of the world in the 1st Century CE and the 14th Century is, very roughly, 200-400 million; therefore, without more qualifiers the chance the Shroud is that of Jesus of Nazareth is about 200-400 million to one AGAINST, even IF the image was actually created by an impression of a human body.

In case nobody is catching my argument so far, let me make it explicit. It is the description in the gospel accounts of what Jesus went through during the Passion that correlates with what is depicted on the TS that demonstrates the man on the shroud is Jesus.

Here’s what I’ve argued so far the TSM (Turin Shroud Man) exhibits:

1. He was crucified. Even rationalwiki acknowledges the TSM is a crucified person:

“Even if the shroud was authentically proven to come from 1st century Judea, this would only show that someone was crucified”

Because he was crucified dramatically reduces the number of possible people. We don’t know exactly how many people were crucified in the 1st century, but from archaeological records, we only have a handful of artifacts of crucified people.


2. He was scourged. We don’t know exactly how many crucified people were also scourged, but it’s doubtful all crucified people were scourged. Crucifixion is already one of the most severe forms of torture, why would they need to spend more time and energy to have done additional torture?

So, the evidence of scourging further narrows down the number.


3. He had a crown of thorns. There is no textual or artifact evidence of anyone else in history that has been crucified, scourged, and had a crown of thorns other than Jesus.


So, just from these three arguments alone, the blood patterns uniquely points to a single person in all of human history — Jesus of Nazareth.

But these are not all, I’ll be pointing out more blood evidence to provide additional confirmation.