Blood stains have no evidence of any smearing, breakage, or cracking


The blood stains have no evidence of any smearing, breakage, or cracking.

No smears are evident in the blood traces.

Bloodstains on the cloth exhibit a peculiar forensic characteristic in that they show no
sign of being smeared while wet, or cracked and pulled apart while dry. These forensic
characteristics of smearing or pulling apart are expected if a bloody human body were
separated from the Shroud.

For those not familiar with all of the findings of forensic pathology regarding the
Shroud, it would do well at this point to recall that one of the most amazing discoveries
from this field is that the blood clots on the Shroud are neither smeared nor broken.
N.Cinquemani, M.D. is quick to point out that this means that if the body had been removed
or separated from the cloth,
breakage of the clots would emerge and the threads would
be torn in many areas which is not the case. It would be
impossible to explain the separation of the clots without
any signs of breakage.

If you pull a bandage off a blood wound, there would be signs of breakage on the blood clot. Yet, we do not see any evidence of this on the shroud.