Body image not visible in transmitted light


When viewing the shroud with light at the back of the shroud, one can view the scorch marks, water stains, and blood marks. But, the body image is not visible, revealing that it does not block any light. One can also see the bands and threads in the cloth which reveals how the shroud was constructed. Can also see the side strip on the left and confirms it was all part of the same cloth, but was cut off and reattached.

“Photography in transmitted visible light: the blood stains and the water stains margins are well marked but the image is not visible confirming its superficial nature.” … 8dd32898d6

“from the transmitted-light photography, unlike the blood, the body images seemed to have insufficient substance to act as any form of barrier to the light.” … o_Consider

“Blood spots are much more visible on the TS by transmitted light than by reflected light; this implies that the blood saturated the cloth and it is not a superficial image as the body image is.” … RIN_SHROUD