Can there be a dual fulfillment of prophecy?

Athetotheist wrote: Tue Oct 10, 2023 6:34 pm Again, where does the Tanakh “explicitly” [as you would say] state that any prophecy therein will be fulfilled more than once?

No, I do not claim the Tanakh explicitly says this. I readily acknowledge it’s an interpretation.

Athetotheist wrote: Thu Oct 12, 2023 7:38 pm Then you have no case to make for Isaiah 7 being about anything other than the downfall of Pekah and Rezin.

The principle of dual fulfillment is perhaps one of the greatest disagreements between Jews and Christians on Bible interpretation. Many of the prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus can be considered to be a dual fulfillment with a near fulfillment and a far fulfillment.

The methods of interpretation for both the Jews and Christians are not explicitly stated in the Bible. Where is the concept of the four senses of scripture explicitly stated?

The four senses of Scripture is a four-level method of interpreting the Bible. This method originated in Judaism and was taken up in Christianity by the Church Fathers.

In Kabbalah the four meanings of the biblical texts are literal, allusive, allegorical, and mystical. In Christianity, the four senses are literal, allegorical, tropological and anagogical.

Even the Jews allows for multiple levels of interpretation that goes beyond a single literal interpretation. So, the idea of something literally happening in the past, and yet having a reference to something in the future is not foreign.

Furthermore, the Jewish Bible does not have a Messianic “installment plan” where Messiah comes, fails in his mission, and then returns thousands of years later to finally succeed.

The Jews do have the concept of a marriage betrothal.

“There is now no legal duration of time between betrothal and marriage, the length of the engagement being left entirely to the option of the parties concerned, except that the marriage may not take place in less than seven days after the agreement to marry has been reached.” … -betrothal

Jesus came to earth the first time as a betrothal to his bride, the church.

During the second coming, it will be the marriage of Jesus and the church.

[Rev 19:7 KJV] 7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.