Can we trust the Bible if it is not inerrant?

Eloi wrote: Tue Sep 28, 2021 5:36 pm If God is going to inspire a guide for his loyal ones and that guide contains errors, then that guide is not safe … nor is that God the God the Bible teaches about, a God to trust.

This is a common argument and a widely held view.

To Christians I’ll say, it’s OK. It’s alright to throw away the belief of inerrancy; everything will still be the same. God is still on the throne and worthy of our trust and allegiance. Jesus is still Savior and Lord. The Holy Spirit still lives in us. The Bible is still authoritative and our rule in faith and practice. We should still keep the law. We should study the scriptures. Jesus rose from the dead. God created the cosmos. The flood was still a literal worldwide flood. Adam and Eve were real people. God’s kingdom will be established. Jesus will judge all the nations.