Clarification on maximal position

TRANSPONDER wrote: Sat Feb 05, 2022 2:08 am I would say that Minimalist would best fit my view. Bearing in mind that this is NOT ‘most placed did not exist, some did’ because you could trash that by ‘proving’ that most places existed. That would be a strawman of my position which is that Nanareth, Bethlehem, the Magi, Herod, The Census of Quirinus were all real places (if not existing in the 1st c), persons and events.

Understood. But, it might need further clarification on differentiating from the maximal (4) position where it allows for minor errors to exist.

For me, the distinction for minor errors would be non-doctrinal claims of the Bible and I would even allow for all those claims to be purely symbolic.

Then it’s alternative history rather religious belief? Are you saying that of course the Tower of Babel ..collapse I suppose, was the origin of different languages, but of course God wasn’t anything to do with it. The Bible merely records an actual event.

If we agree the tower of Babel was the origin of all languages, I’d be content with that. This is my main goal. If we agree on that, then we can debate if God was involved.

It’s very much like the Flood. If one accepts the many Flood legends as implying that it was NOT a total Global wipe-out of God’s creation (apart from the chosen who survived, China where the great Yu controlled it and Egypt where it din’t really affect anyone …. :D I suppose you don’t have a place for Atlantis in there? … it doesn’t bother you that the doctrinal and religious point is completely debunked so long as the Bible is to be relied upon as recording an actual event?

Same with a global flood. If we agree to a global flood, then we can debate if God was involved in the flood.

BTW, came across an interesting article – Scientists Say Ancient Earth Was Completely Covered in Water.

“Scientists at Iowa State and the University of Colorado say they’ve found compelling new evidence that the ancient Earth was an unbroken expanse of water, without a single continent. Yes: “Waterworld.”

I’m not claiming this supports the Biblical account, but it shows even scientists can believe that the entire world could be covered with water.

TRANSPONDER wrote: Sat Feb 05, 2022 8:03 am Just as, if the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem is true (and the evidence proves that it is) the doctrinal aspect (God smote the Assyrians) is (arguably) false.

What doctrinal statement are you referring to?

if the Crucifixion is true (and I think it is) it makes better sense if the disciples really did take the body and intended to from the time Jesus was arrested.

Jesus not raising from the dead would definitely have a doctrinal impact.