Did herringbone weave technology exist in 1st century?

Are there examples of the shroud weave (linen) from the 1st century to show they had the technology to produce such a weave?

Yes, during the first century they had the technology to produce the herringbone weave.

Various herringbone weaves have been found in antiquity:

A pair of woolen leggings found in the permafrost of the Italian-Austrian Alps have a 2:2 herringbone weave, dating to 800 to 500 BC.[6] A dark blue cloth with a 2:2 herringbone weave was found at Murabba’at Cave in Israel, from the Roman period.[6][7] A textile with a 2:2 herringbone weave was found at Pompeii, from 79 AD.[6] An illustration of a cloth having a herringbone weave from Antino√∂polis in Greece from 130 AD.[8] The Falkirk Tartan, a wool 2:2 herringbone tartan found at Vindolanda in England from around 240 AD.[9][10]


“The pattern was pervasive to ancient life, it even shows up in religious texts and beliefs. It even emerged as a fabric in ancient Ireland. It was a common fabric found throughout the Old World. However, once the Roman Empire fell, the herringbone pattern all but disappeared.”
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