Disciplines of scientific study

Athetotheist wrote: Tue Jul 18, 2023 10:50 pm Again, the amount of study doesn’t matter. The sliding stones of Death Valley were studied for years before a viable solution was suggested.

Of course the amount of study matters. It’s extraordinary for the shroud to attract scientists to even study the shroud. Do we see that with any other religious artifact? None comes close. Why would non-religious scientists even want to study it? Why has the study of it lead many of them to believe it’s authentic? Why has the shroud generated so many peer-reviewed articles, papers, conferences, books, journals, etc?

Joe Marino has cataloged the areas of scientific study has been done on the shroud so far:

aerodynamics, anatomy, anthropology, applied mathematics, archaeology atomic resolution studies, bacteriology, biochemistry, capillarity, botany, chemistry, computer eidology, computer technology, criminology, digital imaging processing, elasticity, electrical engineering, electron microscopy, endocrinology, entomology, epistemology, ethnology, forensic medicine, geochemistry, glycobiology, hematology, hermeneutics, high voltages, image recognition, immunology, information theory, infrared photography, inorganic chemistry, intelligent design/engineering, kinematics of rigid bodies, legal medicine, linguistics, logic, mass spectrometry, materials engineering, mechanical dissipation, mechanical engineering, mechanics of fluids, medicine, microchemistry, microscopy, molecular biology, molecular flows in porous media, molecular physics, musicology, mycology, nuclear physics, numismatics, ontology, optical microscopy, optics, organic chemistry, palaeography, palinology, pathology, philosophy of science, photography, photomicrography, physiology, plasticity, polarized image overlay technique, properties of porous media, probability and statistics, radiography, radiology, reverse engineering, rheology, SEM, microscopy, shape reconstruction, spectral analysis, spectroscopy, stress analysis, systems engineering, thermodynamics, thermography, traumatology, uncertainty analysis, UV photography, volconology, volumetric anatomical analysis, X-radiography, white light photography

https://www.academia.edu/81353305/The_P … d_of_Turin