Let’s look at another interesting anomaly, the erratics.

Scattered throughout the Channeled Scablands are boulders of various sizes. Most of them are igneous rocks.

But granite boulders of many different sizes are scattered erratically throughout the area. Indeed, they are known as “erratics.” … afloo.html

mostly-granite-strewn debris fields over 15 square miles of Rattlesnake Mountain … 110403.php

This boulder is the largest in the area and it’s made of basalt:
Image … nture.html

Here is another granite erratic at Rattlesnake Slope Erratics and Bergmounds.

And there is a 60-ton granite rock in Prosser.

I’m not sure how huge pieces of igneous rock can get on top of a glacier and get “rafted” to another location. But, that’s not my main question that I’d like to ponder.

The main question is, if 50 cubic miles of sedimentary rock got carved out by the flood, shouldn’t there be evidence of sedimentary rock boulders strewn all over the place? From what I can tell, there hardly seems to be any sedimentary rock boulders anywhere. At least the Columbia river should be chock full of them. And all the boulders we see in the Scablands are primarily igneous rocks. Again, it all doesn’t quite add up.