Global flood in other cultures

TRANSPONDER wrote: Tue Jan 04, 2022 10:52 amJust a possible suggestion as to why flood stories are ubiquitous. When you read them, they don’t look much like the Flood story.

Again, the question remains why stories would share similar details.

“Flood stories pervade hundreds of cultures and there are striking similarities to many of the accounts. It seems that at least some of these stories could be based upon actual events.” … d-stories/

“A good deal of similarity exists between several of the flood myths, leading scholars to believe that these have evolved from or influenced each other.”

How would cultures across the globe have influenced each other? Or if they all evolved from a single source, how could that have happened?

It just doesn’t seem possible now we know the world is round and you’d have to get everything on board including whales, disease bacteria and prehistoric animals.

The FM is based on the world being round, so it’s possible.

Whales or any other marine animal did not need to be in the ark. Microbes, though they could be on the ark, are pretty hardy by themselves. They can even survive in outer space.

It’s been pointed out that Egypt and China do not have Flood stories, any nobody kept records of these early times like they did.

Yes, China has flood stories.

“There are many sources of flood myths in ancient Chinese literature. Some appear to refer to a worldwide deluge.” … lood#China

Egypt had a flood myth, but it was of blood.

“The flood myth in Egyptian mythology involves the god Ra and his daughter Sekhmet. Ra sent Sekhmet to destroy part of humanity for their disrespect and unfaithfulness which resulted in a great flood of blood.”