Jews do not read Isaiah 53

Most do not read Isa 53, let alone study it. I would even say most Jews don’t even read the Torah very much or take it to be the word of God.
65% of Jews say they seldom or never read scripture.
37% of Jews believe the Torah to be the word of God.

Even in the public readings of the scriptures, they don’t read Isa 53.

Here’s the list of their weekly scripture reading: … h-readings

And as noted by Jewish scholar Claude Montefiore, Isaiah 53 is rarely found in any Rabbinic literature.

Quotations from the famous 53rd chapter of Isaiah are rare in Rabbinic literature.
[Because of the christological interpretation given to the chapter by Christians, it is omitted from the series of prophetical lessons (Haftarot) for the Deuteronomy Sabbaths. These seven lessons a called the *Seven (Chapters) of Comfort’, and are taken from the preceding and following parts of the book: the omission is deliberate and striking. (H. L.)]

Rabbinic Anthology, by C. Montefiore & H. Loewe … p?q=Isaiah