Major Christian views of hell

Broad summary of the major Christian views of hell:

1. Eternal conscious torment for the unsaved

All people have an immaterial spirit/soul that survives after physical death. Only the saved will go to heaven. The unsaved will be in eternal torment in hell.

Generally believed by Roman Catholics and Protestants.

2. Conditional immortality and annihilationism

Either the spirit/soul is annihilated in hell or there is no spirit/soul that can go to hell. Nobody will be suffering in hell.

Held by Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christadelphians, and some Protestants.

3. Temporary torment

The spirit/soul will eventually die in hell like fuel is eventually consumed in a fire.

Held by some Protestants.

4. Nobody would go to hell

God would save all people and nobody would go to hell.

Held by Christian Universalists.

5. Hell does not exist

Hell does not exist as an ontological separation from God.

Held by some Eastern Orthodox (The Eastern Orthodox does not have any official position on hell).