No replications of blood stains

We have been exploring the top proposals for explaining the body image and the best explanation so far is Jackson’s cloth collapse theory. Next to account for is the blood stains. As far as I can tell, no viable artistic method has been proposed to account for the blood stains and there has been no attempt to replicate all the blood markings. So, at this time, really the only viable explanation for the blood on the shroud is the actual burial of Jesus.

As with the body image, the blood markings are enigmatic. For one, the blood is still red. Another is it is real blood. So, how can anyone paint blood that maintains the reddish color? Nobody knows how to do this.

There is a $1 million challenge to anyone who can fully duplicate the shroud:

So convinced is Rolfe that he’s issuing a challenge worth $1m to the British Museum. “If … they believe the shroud is a medieval forgery, I call on them to repeat the exercise, and create something similar today,” he says. “Because from all the evidence I’ve seen, if this is a forgery it’s the most ingenious forgery in history – and of course it dates back almost 2,000 years, to a time of far less sophisticated forgery techniques.

“They said it was knocked up by a medieval conman, and I say: well, if he could do it, you must be able to do it as well. And if you can, there’s a $1m donation for your funds.” … t-was-done

It’s ridiculous if it’s an artwork from 1350 that nobody now would be able to fully duplicate it. But, if it is legit, it makes sense.