Scientists are already invoking non-natural explanations

Cosmology (and physics) have started to resort to non-natural explanations because naturalistic explanations are not viable. These are not done by religious right-wing nuts, but by bona fide scientists. The only way to get around this is to equivocate and redefine what is natural. Something outside of our universe is not natural. Something in another dimension is not natural. Something that we have no idea what it is and is not even measureable is not natural. Where do we see the outcry from skeptics against these scientists saying they cannot invoke non-natural explanations? There are none. We give them a pass because they are “scientists”. Yet, if any religious person says there’s something outside our universe, or in another dimension, or is not measureable and have not idea what it is comprised of, skeptics immediately jump up and down and say foul. This is special pleading, scientists can invoke non-natural explanations, but religious people cannot.