Start debating flood as science

First off, I appreciate Jose starting this thread and allowing the topic to be treated seriously. I realize that many people consider the global flood to be at best a mythical tale and to treat such a subject with any scientific approach might be unacceptable to some. But Jose has demonstrated patience with us creationists by allowing us to present our case scientifically.

For those wishing to join the discussion here, it is best to review the Global Flood thread prior to posting here. It explains in detail about the hydroplate hypothesis. In this thread, I (and I hope others as well) will attempt to present evidence to support the predictions of the hypothesis.

I have reviewed Jose’s hypothesis, predictions, and tests above and accept it as a starting point for the discussions.

One thing I would disagree with is that the laws of physics were different prior to the flood. I do not believe this to be the case. And our discussions should assume that physics (as well as all other natural laws) were the same prior to the flood, during the flood, and after.

The only point where the natural laws might be different is prior to Adam sinning. Since that is outside the scope of the discussions here, we can assume that all natural laws that we see in effect today hold valid for discussions on the flood.

This is a big subject and breaking new ground for me. So, I will ask in advance for patience for me as I research this and present my case. And given that numerous things are demanding my attention, responses might not be as frequent as people would like. But, I appreciate this opportunity to present this case and look forward to the discussions.