Start debating plate tectonics

Hmm, I didn’t realize that so many people subscribed to plate tectonics. According to the poll, the number of supporters is up to 9, whereas I’m the only one dissenting. :-s Guess I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me.

First, let’s look at one typical illustration of how supposedly the plates moved – Color coded continents.

That is a lot of geological movement over a period 620 million years. Entire continents have moved over a vast amount of distance. One would expect that geological changes of such magnitude would have evidence of it in the rock record through folds or faults or any other evidence of rock movement. That is, one would expect that each layer in which the plates have moved would exhibit some evidence of earth movement. However, rather than this being the rule, it is by far the exception. Stratas are all generally parallel to each other with little to no evidence of any faults or folds between each successive layer.

If entire continents have been moving over a period of over 600 million years up to now, why are sedimentary layers for each time period parallel to each other with little evidence of any faulting or folding?


QED posted this nice picture: