Start global flood debate

In the A Deluge of Evidence for the Flood? thread, the question I primarily addressed was “What predictions does a Global Flood Model make?”

I tried to get a consensus on what predictions both the Flood Model (FM) and standard geology (SG) makes.

otseng wrote: Fri May 22, 2009 3:03 pm In standard geology, stratas are formed over long time periods (thousand, millions of years). Each successive strata are formed on top of older stratas. So, the entire strata sequence at any point in the world could span on the order of millions/billions of years.

In the Flood Model, practically all the stratas were formed within a short period (on the order of months). For almost all cases, only after all the stratas were formed, did things occur to the entire sequence like folding, faulting, erosion, etc. (More details on this in the link I provided above)

In standard geology, geological events should’ve occured throughout Earth’s history, so these events should be evident in the stratas.

So, a prediction by the FM is that for the vast majority of cases, we should see folding/faulting/erosion that affects the entire rock stratas. In SG, we should see roughly a uniform distribution of folding/faulting/erosion in the stratas.

Would everyone agree with these predictions? If not, why not?

After 19 pages, finally someone was willing to agree to discussing these predictions.

micatala wrote: Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:38 pm ALright, I’ll bite. I’ll pledge not to make another post until I have read the other flood thread.
I will also pledge to address the one prediction you are alluding to here.

This thread references an earlier thread – Global Flood that presents what the FM actually is. In the A Deluge of Evidence for the Flood? thread, I primarily discuss the prediction above.

This prediction is what I’ll be focusing on here in this thread in relation to the flood. I’m not going to talk about the ark, Noah, how did animals survive the flood. Just this single prediction generated a thread 128 pages long and who knows how long this thread will be if we go beyond that. Also, this allows us to debate without using the Bible and without resorting to faith, but only use empirical evidence.