Summary list of questions

I will now present all the questions. SG proponents will answer the questions first and then I will present the FM and answer all the questions. And then we will conclude the flood discussion and get back to the main topic of this thread.

How did the sedimentary stratas form?
Where did the sediment come from to form the layers?
Why would layers be parallel?

If all the layers were formed under water, why is the majority of sedimentary strata now on land and there is practically none in the oceans?
If layers were all formed underwater and since its now above water, how did that happen? Did the land rise or did the sea level fall? How did that happen? Why did that happen after all the layers were formed?
If the sea level fell, how did that happen?
If the land rose, how was it able to rise perfectly for thousands of feet so that it maintained the parallel layers and be parallel to the horizon?

If erosion occurred in the strata, where did the sediments go?
Where do we see erosion that has caused flat erosion happening now so that it becomes parallel with the layer below it?
When we see water erosion happening now, do you expect the final result to be a flat strata, or more like a stream/river pattern?
What accounts for the sediment pattern off the coasts in the oceans?

Why is there geologic activity (erosion, tilting, folding) on a massive scale after all the layers were formed but practically none while they were being formed?
Why would massive geologic activity only occur after all the parallel layers have been deposited?
Do we see any canyon formation in the lower layers?
Why is there not an abundance of staggered faults and nonparallel layers and river formations in the strata?

How can one determine if an unconformity is due to lack of deposition or due to erosion?
Why or how can erosion in an unconformity result in a layer parallel to the one below it?
If erosion occurred, was the layer above sea level when it occurred?
If it was above sea level, how did it become above sea level?

How can the erosion pattern be explained in Monument valley and surrounding areas?
How many times has the Grand Canyon been lowered and raised to account for deposition and erosion (unconformities) in the layers?
Before the Grand Canyon started to be eroded by a river 6 million years ago, was the entire region just a flat area with the entire strata underneath it? Why has it been flat for over a billion years with no major river erosion (like what we see now) prior to 6 million years ago?
How can the angular unconformity be explained in the Grand Canyon?