Universal causation

DrNoGods wrote: Sun Nov 20, 2022 1:42 am If dark energy exists and is driving the expansion of spacetime, it may not require any kind of “information” to travel from one point to another to “tell it what to do” … its inherent properties enable it to act the same everywhere, like a negative gravity. So no need for instantaneous transfer of information or violation of the speed of light limit.

How do we know the affect of negative gravity is also instantaneous?

As for some sort of self-causal action that is not dependent on an external causation, it is a violation of universal causation.

Universal causation is the proposition that everything in the universe has a cause and is thus an effect of that cause. This means that if a given event occurs, then this is the result of a previous, related event.[1] If an object is in a certain state, then it is in that state as a result of another object interacting with it previously.


Even if self-causation can happen (like some sort of quantum fluctuation), it would be quite surprising that every point in the entire universe is perfectly synchronized at their rate of expansion. We observe nothing behaving like this, esp on this scale and precision.

So, I would add another theological quality to dark energy – uncaused.