Was Jesus’s body washed?

Athetotheist wrote: Fri Aug 11, 2023 10:18 am  “In Jesus’ day, the body was washed and anointed with expensive perfumes, like nard, myrrh, and aloes. Then, the body was wrapped in a shroud, the face covered with a special cloth, and the hands and feet tied with strips of cloth.

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I dispute the claim Jesus’s body was washed in any way.

From Jewish sources…

In “The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning” by Maurice Lamm page 284:

The blood that flowed at the time of death may not be washed away.

If the deceased died instantaneously through violence or accident and his body and garments are completely spattered with blood, no washing or taharah is performed.

Where blood flows continually after death, the source of the flow is covered and not washed.

From The Code of Jewish Law:

If a person collapses and dies instantly, if his body was injured, and blood flowed from the wound, and there is reason to fear that perhaps his lifeblood was absorbed in his clothes and his shoes, he should not be ritually cleansed, but he should be buried in his clothing and his shoes.

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