Who wrote the gospels?

polonius wrote:

tam wrote: I really don’t have anything to add to what I shared earlier in the thread. So this is just a reminder. If Lazarus wrote the gospel (and he did), then he is also an apostle.

QUESTION How do you conclude that if Lazarus wrote a gospel he is an apostle?

Do you consider Paul to be an apostle?

According to the traditional attribution of the authors of the synoptic gospels, only Matthew was one of the 12 apostles.

Matthew – a former tax collector who was called by Jesus to be one of the Twelve Apostles,
Mark – a follower of Peter and so an “apostolic man,”
Luke – a doctor who wrote what is now the book of Luke to Theophilus. Also known to have written the book of Acts (or Acts of the Apostles) and to have been a close friend of Paul of Tarsus,


Modern scholarship doesn’t attribute the original authors of the gospels to any of the 12 apostles.
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