7 image patterns match Jesus of Nazareth

otseng wrote: Thu Mar 30, 2023 8:29 am But these are not all, I’ll be pointing out more blood evidence to provide additional confirmation.

I had already pointed out 3 blood patterns on the TS that points to Jesus of Nazareth. Here are additional ones:

4. Side wound. Doubtful many that were crucified was pierced in the side.


5. Carried the cross. Most likely many carried their own cross, but we have no evidence all carried their own cross.


6. Facial wounds. Not likely many would be beaten up in the face also.


7. No broken bones. Legs were frequently broken for crucifixion victims, so this would be rare to have unbroken legs.


These 7 factors pretty much conclusively points to Jesus of Nazareth on the shroud. In terms of textual evidence, there is nobody else that is even a remote match.

I’ll be going to the next topic to discuss the features of the cloth.