Type AB blood

According to tests done by Baima Bollone, the blood on the shroud is of type AB.

The human blood is of AB group.


For the reasons indicated, we are therefore in a position to conclude that the traces of
Shroud blood which we examined belong to the AB group.


AB blood type is rare, with only around 5% of the population having this type. It is a universal plasma donor, so anyone can receive blood plasma from an AB donor.

The AB-negative blood type is the rarest one in the United States. Only 1%, or 1 in every 100, Americans have this blood type. AB-positive is also one of the rarer blood types, coursing through the veins of only 4% of the U.S. blood donor population, or 1 in every 25 people.

Blood type AB is spread pretty evenly among all races and ethnicities.

People with AB blood types are universal plasma donors, meaning any blood type can receive their plasma.

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Blood Type AB is found in less than five percent of the population.


The universal plasma donor has Type AB blood.

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