Is this God’s Book or just another tome of fairy tales?

TRANSPONDER wrote: Mon Oct 25, 2021 6:37 am is this God’s Book or just another tome of fairy -tales?

This is a false dichotomy of either the Bible must be 100% factually correct or either just a tome of fairy tales. And this mentality of only having two possible extreme positions is not just limited to viewing the authority of the Bible. In Christianity, it’s not either someone is a fundamentalist Christian or is not a Christian. In Islam, it’s not either everyone is a radical terrorist or not a Muslim. In fact, in both of these cases, I would say the vast majority is in a moderate camp whether a Christian or Muslim. This viewpoint is not limited to religion either. This stereotyping that everyone in a particular group must have a certain quality is pervasive. And operating under this perspective of polarizing an issue is not realistic or productive.