The true myth

TRANSPONDER wrote: Tue Oct 26, 2021 12:22 pm Your St. Nick example is excellent. King Arthur is another and Troy a third. These are reliably based on true persons, but there are huge mythical elements that bury the original real historical thing. Jesus is a fourth example.

I’ll go further and say the entire Bible is a myth. The question of course is figuring out what is historically true or false. But, the Bible was not written with the intent of everything being historically true like an encyclopedia or science book. Though many parts are rooted in the context of history, it is the underlying messages that are more important.

Though there are elaborations in the Bible that deviate from the actual events, compared to other myths, in my opinion it is a small percentage. The Bible stands out on its own compared to all the other myths. If anyone knows about myths, JRR Tolkien would definitely qualify. He goes so far as to say Christianity is the true myth, whereas all other myths are men’s myths.