Another “coincidence” among cultures is similarities in constellations.

“The extant record indicates that astrological interpretations of celestial patterns date to ancient Mesopotamia.” … ient-world

“Norris has worked with Indigenous Australians and learned many of their sky stories, including those of different groups who identify the Pleiades as seven girls being chased by the constellation Orion, who is a hunter in these tales. This storyline is extremely similar to the one in ancient Greek legends about these constellations.” … story.html

“A significant number of Native American tales, told by peoples spread across the North American continent north of the Rio Grande, have a very similar setup for the Big Dipper — including the bear, hunters and steering bird, he added. Given that a great deal of other evidence shows that humans migrated over an ancient land bridge in the Bering Strait between modern-day Russia and Alaska thousands of years ago, Schaefer thought it was much more likely that these Big Dipper stories share a common origin.” … story.html

“The Chinese system developed independently from the Greco-Roman system since at least the 5th century BC, although there may have been earlier mutual influence, suggested by parallels to ancient Babylonian astronomy.”

“But around the world and throughout history, we find remarkably similar constellations defined by disparate cultures, as well as strikingly similar narratives describing the relationships between them.” … tions.html

“Human cultures can see the world through very different lenses, but the way we sort stars in the night sky is surprisingly universal.
Even when separated by vast differences in time and space, many of the same constellations stand out time and time again in human history, albeit with different names and stories behind them.” … t-cultures