Tower of Babel is just a myth

Diogenes wrote: Thu Jan 20, 2022 9:44 pm Genesis 11:6], the main point is that this is like so many other myths, a simple picture story used to explain why we have different languages. That this story could be taken seriously as an actual event in history is laughable. This is typical of myths around the world, a transparent and simplified ‘explanation’ of how something came to be.

To be clear, I do not take the entire passage of the tower of Babel literally. As I’ve been proposing all along in this thread, not every word in the Bible needs to be taken as literally true. The fundamental message out of the passage is all languages of the world originated from a single language. And if this is true, then there should be some evidence to back this up. The timing of the tower of Babel as compared to the earliest written languages confirms this. The fact that we have many cultures around the world since the earliest times building ziggurat-like structures also is in line with the Biblical account.

There is nothing wrong with telling a truth within a story. And actually, it can be preferable. It allows the truth to be understood by anybody at any education level. It makes it more memorable and more interesting to read. Yes, it would seem too mythological for a scientific mind, but the basic message can still hold up to the evidence.

So, what should be taken as true and what should be taken as the fictional wrapping around the truth? I argue it should be through evidence. So far, I’ve presented pages of evidence for a global flood and a tower of Babel. And compared to the alternative explanations, the Bible is able to hold its ground.