Human Creation Model response 4

McCulloch wrote:

otseng wrote: And this confirms the prediction that there is more genetic diversity in females than males.

Did I miss something? Has it been established that there is more genetic diversity in human females than in males? What does this mean?

It is referring to the time of the flood as I first mentioned in the human creation model.

otseng wrote: Humanity traces origins to around the Middle East area.

I fail to understand how this differentiates the Creationist model from the Evolutionist one.

There are actually two main human evolutionary theories:
Out of Africa

Though the Out of Africa theory is the dominant theory now, the multiregional does not posit that humans trace origins specifically from any particular location.

There is about 3600 miles difference.

On the grand scale of things, it would not be much of a difference. Also, it can be entirely possible that the L lineage migrated to Africa from the Middle East.