Lazarus and the last supper

JehovahsWitness wrote: Again all this lends to the conclusion the beloved disciple was present when Jesus passed the bread and wine to the eleven faithful Apostles.

Even if we assume only the apostles were present with Jesus at the last evening meal, it does not necessarily lead to John. If nobody else arrived after the meal, this would lead to TDWJL also being an apostle. However, there’s no internal evidence that says TDWJL must be John. He can’t be Peter because Peter asked TDWJL to ask Jesus. And he can’t be Judas. So, that leaves 10 other possible disciples. There are various inconsistencies that have been pointed out earlier of TDWJL being John. So, John is perhaps the least likely of all the apostles to be TDWJL.

There are several other possible scenarios for the final supper. One, as polonius suggests, is the account of the fourth gospel is a different night than the synoptic gospels. I’m not convinced of this. Another, which I lean towards, is TDWJL arrived after supper. A face value reading of the fourth gospel would support this. This alone is not evidence TDWJL is Lazarus, but it explains how he ties into that evening in the upper room.