Purpose of Acheulean biface

Diogenes wrote: Thu Jan 27, 2022 3:46 pm Not tools?! That is just silly. Of course they are tools.

If it’s a tool, then what was it designed for? Yes, we know that an automobile, arrowheads, axes and scrapers have functions. We know what is their purpose. But, the Acheulean biface remains a mystery.

As for it being a tool, I can even argue a cross can be used as a tool as well. You can dig a hole with it or use it as a hammer. But, it’s clear a cross was not designed for such tasks.

Does an automobile lose its status as a vehicle, because it is made with the beauty and craftsmanship of a Ferrari?

You can still drive a Ferrari. However, “the largest bifaces in this group are so substantial that they would have been of little to no use as tools.”

TRANSPONDER wrote: Thu Jan 27, 2022 4:02 pm Stone tools indicate their use by shape (arrowheads, axes and scrapers) and also indirect evidence like cuts on bone, or the cut marks on ancient wood found in water deposits. Also stone axes have been found tied onto handles in Alaskan ice patches thousands of years old and only revealed by recent melting. I believe also some stone arrowheads have been found stuck in bone, but I’d have to check that.

Even if it was a tool, why was it so ubiquitous? Since its function is not apparent even to us, why would it spread universally? It is even more commonly found than ancient wheels and pottery…

“There is a tool that has been around for over million years, that archaeologists keep finding in caves, ditches, wells, and prehistoric settlements. They’re older and more ubiquitous than wheels, than pottery, than pretty much anything else. They’re everywhere, but nobody can agree what they’re for.”
https://jon-farrow.com/2017/02/20/a-mil … d-mystery/

All that said, what in you hypothesis is the relevance to the Bible?

I realize this is speculative, but since there’s no viable explanation by others, mine is no worse than anybody else’s. Here’s my current theory on the Acheulean biface…

Of course, I reject deep time, so the biface was not made by some prehistoric caveman. They were made by humans thousands of years ago and they were made not as a tool, but as a symbol.

The cross is universal because it is a powerful symbol rooted in a major historical event. Likewise, I theorize the biface was universal because it was a powerful symbol rooted in a major historical event – either the tower of Babel or the global flood, or even both.