Santa, do Christians believe in him? If not, why not.

dangerdan wrote: Tue Nov 02, 2004 11:48 pm Ok, you’re probably wondering what Santa has to do with Christianity? bear with me here….

The topic of Santa was brought up in the thread “Everyone should be agnostic?”, and with it brought some interesting topics to do with belief systems, well worthy of a new thread.

Now why is this in a Christianity forum? I think it has some rich insights into Christian epistemology – why they believe in some things and not others. I was pondering putting this in the philosophy sub-forum, but I feel it’s more relating to pure Christian thought (though if moderators feel otherwise then that’s ok).

So, let the debate begin! I do not intend the question to be demeaning or disrespectful, but merely a candid enquiry. So with no further ado – Do Christians believe in Santa? If not, why not.

When I read the question,
Does he exist, this Santa Claus?
I initially ignored it and then decided
to give it some pause.

It seems like the mind of the atheists
have given the Santa argument a nod,
Of using this argument to show
that there is not a God.

So, in humoring the readers
and in bringing some pre-seasonal cheer,
I’ll add some more thoughts
on the Santa argument here.

Though the comparison might have some parallels,
there are some that are perpendicular,
So I will attempt to argue my case through several means,
of using rhyme and reasoning in particular.

The argument then goes
that if Santa is an illusion
then not believing in a god
could be a similar conclusion.

The comparison between the two
is not appropriate I feel
because no adults in their right mind
personally believe that Santa is real.

Adults only try to convince their child
that a man named Santa exists
But to say that any adults truly believe in him
would be amiss.

No adult tries to convince another adult
of Santa’s existence,
with the exception perhaps
of those who need some mental assistance.

So, to hold the position
that Santa is not a fake,
is not a position
that any reasonable person would take.

However, to believe in God
or in a diety of any sort,
has much more evidence and reasoning
to give it support.

What, do you ask,
are reasons for God’s support?
Are there any basis for what
Christians purport?

That is one of the reasons why
the “Does God exist?” thread was created,
Numerous arguments were presented
and reasons stated.

Even more than a single thread
this entire forum makes the case
of the validity of Christianity
and the reasoning on which it’s based.

But, back to the matter of the
question in hand,
does this Santa Claus exist,
is he is figment or really a man?

Again the argument
that I want to press
is that a belief in Santa
no adult do profess.

And who exactly is Santa
and how is he defined?
It seems like that should also be clarified
if people are to opine.

Is he the jolly fat man
that Coke makes him out to be?
Or the dressed up men in the malls
to be photographed next to the Christmas tree?

Also, to attribute him as
the source of all presents on Christmas eve,
there are many evidences
that makes this hard to believe.

Sure, if one suspends reason,
one can account for anything.
But, it’s best to approach things with logic,
lest one be labeled right wing.

But surely Santa, if he exists,
cannot avoid leaving some sort of trail,
footprints, fingerprints, or stuff that comes
from below the reindeers tail.

And speaking of reindeers
that supposed fly
they don’t even have any wings
to flap with in the sky.

And what about him supposedly
living at the North Pole?
How does he get the childrens’ mail,
if no planes have it as its goal?

And do airplane pilots ever
claim to have a Santa sighting?
How can he see through the dark
with Rudolf’s nose providing so little lighting?

And with sheer number of toys
that kids want nowaday,
how can so much cargo fit
upon his little sleigh?

Are there more arguments against
the Santa we all love and know?
There certainly are,
but it is beyond what this single poem can show.

I have already composed beyond
what I have originally planned to write
but the time rapidly approaches
that I should bid thee good night.