Evil are committed by people from all strata of society

Danmark wrote: How do you define “normal, ordinary people?”

Most of the people that you see in the airport, in the mall, at the workplace, in your neighborhood, in church, in sports arenas, in concert halls, etc. They are the everyday people that we encounter and interact with.

Evil is not limited to a subgroup of people on the fringes of society. Evil of various sorts are committed by people from all stratas of society.

As I wrote earlier, when people have little fear of getting caught, they are more likely to give in to their lesser selves.

Totally agree.

And I would add this is why God is a counter force to evil. An omniscient God who sees everything would ultimately hold us accountable to all our secret actions. Without God, people who believe they can get away with evil when nobody else would know can more easily fall into committing evil.

Some more tidbits from that source:

– Child Sexual Abuse Is a Widespread Problem
– Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse Are Often Related to the Victim
– Sexual violence is notoriously difficult to measure

The ‘demand side’ has been ‘woefully understudied’ compared to the ‘supply side.’

I can’t imagine many sex abusers signing up to be studied or even letting anybody know about their dark side.

Even when one was caught, he was suicided before he was able to reveal any details of his evil.