How McCrone got the sticky tape samples

Ray Rogers had loaned the sticky tape samples to McCrone immediately after STURP completed their testing on the shroud.

October 13, 1978: (Friday) STURP completes their scientific work during the evening of this day. The Shroud is returned to its casket the following morning.

En route back to New Mexico Dr. Ray Rogers stops off in Chicago and hand-delivers to Dr. Walter McCrone’s laboratory thirty-two of the sticky tape samples taken from the Shroud.

Rogers had done this on his own accord and it was not pre-authorized by STURP.

McCrone had signed a non-disclosure agreement when he got the sticky-tapes, which was
different than the non-disclosure agreement that the STURP members signed. I called Dr.
Jackson for clarification of Heller’s account. On October 5, 2022, he told via phone that they did
NOT offer McCrone membership.

Jackson also said that the loan of the samples by Rogers was not a STURP-approved
action, but something that Rogers had done on his own. … Microscope