Human Creation Model

Human Creation Model:
– God created the first man and woman (tens of thousands of years ago).
– God created the first humans distinct from the animals.
– All humans arose from the first couple.
– A global flood occurred. Noah and his sons and all their wives were the only humans (total of 8) to survive. They repopulated the Earth near the Middle East.

– All humanity traces lineage to one man and one woman.
– There is no gradual transition from animals (specifically primates) to humans.
– Humanity traces origins to around the Middle East area.
– Origin of man traces to tens of thousands of years ago.
– Greater genetic diversity of females than males during the Flood. Males were direct descendants of Noah. Their wives were not direct descendants of Noah’s wife.
– Human culture should appear quickly in history.

Falsified by:
– A gradual transition is found from animals to humans in the fossil record.
– Genetic changes from one species to another and leading to humans are identified.