Predictions of human evolution

Grumpy wrote: Predictions=brain size smaller, height shorter, weight less, less well developed walking(as opposed to grasping)feet, shorter lifespans, fewer and cruder tools as you go backward in time.

The average height and size of Homo heidelbergensis is larger than humans. Cranal capacity is also quite large.

“Homo heidelbergensis had a larger brain when compared to other hominid species, and a body type which appears to be very similar to that of modern humans, although Homo heidelbergensis was somewhat taller.” … gensis.htm

“The species was tall, 1.8 m (6 ft) on average, and more muscular than modern humans.”

“H. heidelbergensis had a larger brain-case, up to 1400 cc, more than the 1350 cc average of modern humans.” … 2131.shtml

“He resembled a modern human but was more robust and slightly taller, averaging about 6 feet in height for adult males.” … lbergensis

How to falsify these predictions=show how primitive hominids do not have these features, but are fully formed modern humans(as created 6000 years ago)in every case, even as we look further back in time.

As mentioned in the links above, Homo heidelbergensis is similar to humans, but just larger.