Secondary causation

brunumb wrote: Tue Oct 05, 2021 11:56 pm It was written by people and there is nothing about it that necessitates the involvement of any deity.

For purposes of this thread, can assume that. Definitely God is not the primary causation of the Bible. However, I do believe God can be involved through secondary causation. Can I explain how? Not really. But here’s something that happened to a friend of mine this past week that illustrates secondary causation. Bill is quite old and was experiencing cramps and vomiting. His wife called an ambulance to bring him to the hospital. When the medics came, they explained to her she could not go to the hospital because of covid policy. She had no idea then what to do. Then at that moment, Eric drives into their driveway because there was a massive traffic jam and he stopped by to use their bathroom. Finding out what happened, he stayed with Bill’s wife to be with her, got things settled with the hospital, relayed to his wife how he was doing, and then contacted friends and family about the situation. From what Eric could tell, he was not controlled by God when he was looking for a place to pee, but turns out he was at the right time and right place during all this.