Silence in art journals

When trying to search for peer-reviewed articles in art journals on “Turin Shroud”, I can find none.

Searching on Getty Research Portal, there are no results. … =relevance

Searching on Met Museum journal, there are no results. … ear%7CDesc

Searching on Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, there are no results.

Searching on Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies, there are no results. … roud+turin

Even these YouTube shroud skeptics have tried to search for peer-reviewed articles in art history journals on the TS and found none. The only thing they can find are scientific peer-reviewed articles (so much that it’s filling up their hard drive!).  Though their conclusion as to why there is nothing from the art community is faulty, they have corrected noted that there is silence from the art community on the TS.

There’s not a lot of peer-reviewed work being published on these topics that we’re going to get into, the art history and things like that. I couldn’t find any at all about a lot of these things.

My hard drive is fast filling up with Shroud of Turin research.  Like this thing is piling up.  Journals would love to have this published, they’re just not publishing it.  Maybe the reason they’re not publishing is because historians aren’t convinced, they don’t find it convincing.

Anyone else is free to search in other art journals.  Here’s a list of art journals: … listartjrn

Again, it makes no sense that the TS would be a medieval artwork and art peer-reviewed articles on it from art journals are impossible to find. But, it would make sense if it was not artwork, but an actual shroud of the crucified and resurrected Jesus, since there are tons of scientific peer-reviewed articles.