Start explaining FM

Before I go in and explain the Flood Model (FM), I will warn readers that what I’m about to share will seem quite far-fetched. But it is only because the Evolutionary Model (EM) has been taught to be a fact and that any other theory besides evolution is plain wrong. So, I ask for a little open mindedness. I don’t ask you though to suspend your logic or reasoning powers. If something I say is contrary to logic, please point it out. But, if something I say sounds far off simply because it’s different than the EM, then I ask you to hold premature judgement.

Let me start by describing the Earth before the Flood. The earth’s atmosphere was very different than it is now. The temperature was more uniform throughout the earth and was mostly tropical. The entire world was covered by some sort of water canopy which allowed for a global tropical climate. It also did not rain. The earth had an abundance of large animals (dinosaurs) and large plants. The oceans did not exist as we know them now. However, there were seas that existed. The major mountain ranges did not exist and the mountains were smaller than what we have today. About half the water now in the oceans was once in interconnected chambers about 10 miles below the earth’s surface. Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas were a connected land mass.

Here is a cross diagram of the earth before the Flood:

Later, I’ll get into what actually happened during the flood.