Symbolism in Bible

Symbolism is used throughout the Bible. Many things are referred indirectly and not directly. For those who are programmers, this is like using pointers instead of using direct references for variables.

The “pointer” and “reference” both are used to point or refer an another variable. But, the basic difference among both of them is that a pointer variable points to a variable whose memory location is stored in it. The reference variable is an alias for a variable which is assigned to it. … nce-2.html

Practically all programming requires pointers in addition to references. In the Bible, “pointers” as well are used quite often.

One example of this used throughout many Bibles is the encoding of God’s name in the Old Testament. Practically in all Bible translations, God’s name is never directly translated, but instead is written as the LORD. It is a “pointer” to God’s name, but is not a direct translation of what is in the Hebrew.

Another example is Jesus never called himself God or even the son of God. Rather, he also used a “pointer” and commonly referred to himself as the son of man.

Throughout the Bible, “pointers” are seen in symbols, imagery, metaphors, types, parables, analogies, riddles, etc. We could literally spend forever investigating this. But, suffice it to say that the Bible is full of indirect references.