Start debating humans descended from primates

McCulloch wrote: Did humans descend from other primates?


I’ll give my arguments in a later post.

Are humans primates or should there be special biological taxonomy for humanity?

I do not object to Linnaean taxonomy when its use is limited to its original intent. It was simply classification based on morphological features. However, nowadays, it has been hijacked to imply lineage.

Rather than having a special taxonomy for humans, the Linnaean taxonomy should be used only to describe physical features and not have any implications of lineage. If this is accepted, then I have no problem classifying humans as primates.

McCulloch wrote: Research by Mary-Claire King in 1973 found 99% identical DNA between human beings and chimpanzees,[4] although research since has modified that finding to about 94%[5] commonality, with some of the difference occurring in non-coding DNA.

Similarities do not necessarily mean lineage. It could also mean they were designed is a similar fashion. HP and Gateway computers share many similarities, but they did not derive from the other.

Also, the percentage of identical DNA does not equate to the same percentage similarity in form, function, and behavior. Further, as you cited, the oft quoted 99% similarity between man and chimps is not accurate, and the more recent research has placed it at 94%.

Also, as far as I know, no evolutionist claims that there is a direct lineage from a chimp to a human. So, even if there are similarities, a chimpanzee would not show how humans evolved from primates.